customized lithium-ion batteries

C² designs, repairs and manufactures customized lithium-ion batteries for all of your battery needs.

We produce customized...

LiFePO4 Packs

Safer than traditional lithium ion, half the weight of lead acid. LifeP04 can be found in many applications ranging from powering RVs and boats, solar storage, and providing an alternate power source for homes. Let us design and build your custom pack today!

NiMH Packs

Although a dated battery chemistry, NiMH still holds it's place in the market. NiMH is a direct replacement for dangerous and inefficient NiCD packs. An upgrade to NiMH provides better performance and longer run times. Ask us about upgrading your old packs today.

Non-rechargeable packs

Whether it's a one time use or a rechargeable pack, we can customize and tailor build to your specific needs.

About us

At C², we support our customer base with the design and manufacturing of completely customisable lithium-ion and NiMH battery packs and chargers.

For all your Custom battery needs